Types of olive Oil

To us there is only one kind of olive oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

KOTINOS™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an acidity always lower than 0.5% far exceeds the minimum quality characteristics imposed by the European Union and the International Olive Oil Council. KOTINOS™ is the best there is. And it is organically grown for added health benefits.

Click Here to learn about the European Union Regulations on the characteristics of Olive Oil.

Virgin olive oil is a legal classification under the regulations of the European Union and the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) meaning that the oil was obtained from the olive by mechanical processes only and under conditions of which temperature is the most important, which does not alter the quality of the olive juice. That is, the oil cannot be extracted from the olive with solvents, ester processes or with other chemical means as it is done with all seed oils

The parameters according to which Olive Oil is classified are:

Table with the parameters and their values for the proper characterization of olive oil.
Note the exceptional quality of KOTINOS™ Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Uncompromized Quality
Extra Virgin Perfect flavor and aroma
< 1.0%
< 20
< 2.40
< 0.20
Virgin Acceptable flavor and aroma
< 2.0%
< 20
< 2.50
< 0.25
Ordinary Low quality oil may be used for frying
< 3.3%
< 20
< 2.50
< 0.25
Pure A low cost blend of refined and virgin oil
< 1.5%
< 15
< 1.00


Obtained from the pits and the ground olive flesh
< 1.5%
< 15
< 5.30
< 2.00


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