Olive Oil. The key to Health

The Mediterranean, and specifically the Cretan diet has been directly linked with low rates of cardiovascular disease. Various scientific studies have established that the major contributor to this health gift is Olive Oil.

Consumption of olive oil provides large amounts of monounsaturated fat (MUFA) which have been shown to be cardioprotective as compared with the saturated fats (SFA) found in animal fats. Extensive studies have shown that the consumption of MUFA influences the postprandial lipoprotein metabolism even in persons with a long history of SFA consumption. Beneficial changes in blood clotting factors were also observed on the high MUFA diet. The findings explain the lower risk of heart disease observed in Mediterranean populations, and strengthens the evidence for the beneficial effects of diets high in MUFA such as olive oil.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, knew well the therapeutic properties of olive oil. In his surviving works there are more than 60 pharmaceudical and medical uses of olive oil. They range from the use of olive oil for dermatological (skin) conditions to fever and stomach ulcers. Today science confirms all of these old uses and discovers new uses of this miracle green gold.

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