The production of KOTINOS™ Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a process that starts with the planting of the olive trees and continues until the oil is extracted and bottled. Briefly, here is how we proceed for the production of KOTINOS™, the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.

  1. Planting and cultivation: Correct placement of the olive grove, appropriate distance between the trees, preparation and maintenance of the soil conditions with manure and composted plant matter. Sustainable Agriculture.
  2. Pruning and tree forming: Olive tree pruning is one of the most important activities in our groves. We know that in order to produce the best possible fruit and thus the best olive oil, our trees must have the appropriate shape and size. For hand picking all fruit must be accessible from the ground or with a small ladder. Correct pruning prevents establishment of tree enemies and diseases. The trimmings are composted and returned to the soil.
  3. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides: Use natural fertilization with manure and composted plant matter. Use mechanical traps for controlling the dacus fly.
  4. Harvesting, extraction and storage: Our goal is to maintain the high quality of the olive fruit all the way to olive mill. We achieve this by hand picking the fruit, placing it in small containers to avoid fruit damage and squeeze them within 12 hours in order to prevent the initiation of fermentation, which can alter the quality of the oil. We strictly follow the cold press process in which the temperature of the olive paste remains below 25 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). In turn the fresh oil is stored in stainless steel containers in rooms where the temperature remains below 20 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit) and remains there until the oil has settled (about 2 months) at which time it is bottled in dark green glass bottles for distribution. At no time is the oil filtered or subjected to any other treatment.

anatoli greenhouse

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