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I bought a bottle at a Farmer's Market in my town. It was amazing to say the least. Now I can't cook without it! Thank You!
Jenny- Cohasset MA

...Kotinos is the only olive oil my family has used for the past 5 years. The flavor is truly remarkable and I firmly believe that we have only touched the tip of the iceberg as far as the health benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet are concerned.
S.H. - MD Cardiologist - Rochester, MN

After searching for many years I have finally found an oil which I can proudly use in the kitchen and on the dinner table. Kotinos has found a permanent place in our home.
Ellen F. - Boston, MA

Congratulations. Your oil is superb. I have used it in many recipes and we especially enjoy experiencing the aroma and flavor of Kotinos with fresh bread and on salads.
Kathy D. - Providence, RI

Got the is one I ever tasted. Definitely will become a regular customer and publicize.
V.R. - MD Cardiologist - Rochester, MN

...We have enjoyed using it (Kotinos) and giving it as a present to our friends. We will certainly visit you again for our holiday gifts.
Steven W. - Boston, MA

Dear S. and G.
Elegant! elegant! is your gift of green Greek Crete xxxtra Virgin Olive Oil of Kotinos. Thank you thank you. We'll all enjoy it as an edible and as an emollient. The bottle shape is beautiful, color lovely, footprint a welcome space saver. I love it.
From a thank you note of a Kotinos gift recipient. - San Diego, CA

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Kotinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cold pressed unfiltered
Extracted like sacred nectar from the world's finest handpicked olives
From cultivation, harvesting, pressing, bottling, exporting and distribution: A family business
Directly from our trees to your table. Produced and bottled in Crete, Greece