Cooking with Olive Oil

A Sample of Traditional Cretan Recipes

Olive Oil is ideal for cooking. It adds a wonderfull taste to the food and makes it healtier and easier to digest. You can enjoy olive oil in a variety of recipes. You can enjoy it raw in salads, you can drizzle it over fresh grilled seafood and yes, good olive oil is ideal for frying. No other cuisine uses olive oil as widely and as liberaly as the Cretan cuisine. When Dr. Ancel Keys started the Seven Country Study he stated "My God, how much olive oil they eat" in reference to the consumption of olive oil by the Cretans. When his now famous study was completed it was found that this plentiful use of extra virgin olive oil was the reason for the healthy characteristics of the people of Crete.

The recipes listed here are from our traditional cuisine. Fresh vegetables and greens with KOTINOS™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil constitute the basis for these recipes, making them light and very healthy. Some of the recipes presented here are from the excellent book "Olive Oil: The Elixir of Life" by Mirsini Lambraki (mirsini@her.forthnet.gr).

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