We are olive oil people and KOTINOS™ Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our product. Olive cultivation and the production of olive oil are the main occupations of our family. Our philosophy is based on proven traditional principles of olive cultivation. In addition we follow the scientific and technological advances regarding olive oil extraction, storage and packaging. In fact the members of our family who have chosen academic, medical and technical careers have never abandoned their olive groves and we all work together with the goal of producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Grove at Skinos Our groves are located on the southeastern part of the Greek island of Crete, a region with the longest history of olive cultivation and olive oil production. Our olive oil is produced exclusively from the Olea Europea, variety Koronaiki, which gives an oil of exquisite quality, aroma, flavor and color. We have been cultivating organically long before organic food became a standard for good and healthy eating. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and our storage and bottling facilities are dedicated to handling only organic products.

The time of harvest which takes place between mid November and mid December is one of the most important factors for producing olive oil with superb characteristics. We are intimately familiar with the microclimate for each one of our groves and by regular observation we are able to harvest each grove at ideal olive maturity. Having our own olive mill we are able to press our olives at the end of each day thereby preventing any enzymatic alteration (fermentation) of the fresh olive fruit. anatoli

Our olives are crushed with large rotating stones and the oil from the resulting paste is extracted using the natural tendency of the oil to selectively adhere to material surfaces since its surface tension is lower than that of water. In fact the first method used in the extraction of oil was very similar to this and was performed with skimming devices. The olive juice is then stored as is in stainless steel containers for 2 months, for settling, at which time it is bottled without filtration. We package it in dark green bottles in order to protect it from light. KOTINOS™, a certified organic olive oil from Crete is simply a superb "Green Gold" that we are sure you will enjoy.

On behalf of the KOTINOS Family:

Liz and Manos Chaniotakis

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